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How to convert you Camp Chef Flat Top Into an Open Flame

How to convert your Camp Chef Flat Top Grill to an open flame

So there are times, when we are hanging out with our family and friends, when the weather is just fine and appealing, laughing around with your favourite people, and everything else seems to be just perfect. Can the day get better? Sure it can, one thing still remains that can take your already perfect day to another level. Any guesses? Well, the answer is obviously your favourite food. Anything can be better with the right food. So let’s reimagine the scene. You are out for a picnic with your family and friends along with a camp chef flat top grill so you don’t miss your favourite food out there. Isn’t the scene better this way? But what if you have a sudden urge to eat grilled chicken instead of hamburgers or anything that requires an open fire rather than a flat top. Won’t it be hard to adjust with the kind of food you want on such a perfect day?

Don’t you wanna look out for some way where you can enjoy both the type of cooking i.e. open fire cooking as well as flat top grill cooking with a single equipment? Well, the camp chef has already done that part of the thinking for you. The camp chef flat top iron grill is convertible into an open fire. As you may have noticed, the camp chef flat iron grill comes with 2 BBQ grates. However, they are optional when it comes to installing them. Well, if you want your flat top to be convertible into an open fire, install the grates along with other parts while assembling the grill and bring it along. The conversion of your flat top to open fire is just a step away.

You need to remove the flat top and all that you need to accomplish this is your two hands. Easy right? Well, indeed it is.

First, you need to make sure that the flat top is cool enough for your hands to touch. Sprinkle some cold water on the top and wipe it with a damp cloth. Repeat this process until the flat top is cooled down.

Second, hold the edge that is pointing upwards on both the sides and pull it towards the top. Apply enough force at the tip of your fingers so that the top doesn’t slip through them and boom! Your flat top grill is converted into open fire grill.
Yes, that all you need to do to convert the camp chef flat top grill into open fire grill. Conversely, in order to convert it back to the flat top grill, take the flat top in reinstall it back into the grill (study) and that’s how, with the camp chef flat top grill, you can have not only one but two type of grill experience with just some equipment. So now, do you see your day getting better again?

So take the camp chef flat top grill with you and add even more fun to your picnic and camping experiences. Happy cooking!…

Groundnut Corn Balls


  • Corn 
  • Groundnuts 
  • Chilies 
  • Coriander 
  • Chopped Onions 
  • Tomatoes 
  • Lavang 
  • Rice flour (two tablespoons) 
  • Cinnamon sticks 
  • Cumin 
  • Turmeric 
  • Salt  
  • Oil  
  • Besan 
  • Chili powder 


  1. Take your blender out and then in it add corn, press the power button on your blender and start grinding your corn, once done with grinding transfer the corn to a bowl and in that bowl add chili powder, flour, onion, salt, and besan, once done with adding all the ingredients to the bowl, pick a spoon up and then use it to mix all of these ingredients together, mix properly, after mixing wear gloves and then start making small sized balls on the mixture once done with making the balls, turn on your stove place your skillet on it and then add oil in it, after adding oil set the level of heat at medium and allow the oil to reach the right temperature once reached, start frying the balls, once done with frying the balls take a bowl and place some tissues in the bowl and the transfer the fried balls to the bowl, after transfering the balls to the bowl keep that bowl aside, this is all with the main step now let’s move towards the second step
  2. Now take a pan which as a strong bottom, add about one to two spoons full of oil, give it a minute and then add coriander, groundnuts, cinnamon, and Lavang. Once done with adding all the ingredients, wait until all of the ingredients that you added to your pan are properly fried, once fried turn the flames off and then transfer the fried mixture to a bowl allow it to reach the room temperature, once it cools down transfer it to your food processor and grind it, once done with grinding transfer it back to the bowl.
  3. Now clean your pan, basically wash it and then use your whips to whip the pan once done with it place it on your stove and turn the stove on, add oil and wait for the oil to reach the right temperature and then add chopped onions to the pan, fry them until they turn golden in color, once done with frying transfer the fried onions to a bowl once they cool down transfer them to your food processor and then add tomatoes as well, grind tomatoes and the onions together.
  4. Place your pan on your stove (of course after cleaning it) and add a spoon full of oil and then wait after sixty seconds add cumin wait for at least sixty to one twenty seconds and then add the paste of ginger and garlic, fry them until they turn golden, now add all the ingredients that you prepared until now and then saute
  5. Now add a glass full of water, salt (according to your taste buds), turmeric and chili powder, cook until it starts boiling once the gravy starts boiling (this might take about ten to fifteen minutes, do not cook it on high heat) add the fried balls that you prepared and then wait for another five minutes once done start garnishing with coriander, serve warm and serve with cooked plain white rice.

Creative Styling Ideas To Decorate Your Room

  • One wall is what it would take just choose

Is there any wall in your house which is empty has nothing on it and at times when you look at it, it seems lonely, take that loneliness away and buy a set of shelves, the one which can cover the entire wall from floor to the ceiling and from the ceiling to the floor and then you can stuff those shelves with all the books that you have, this setting would even look more amazing if it is in your drawing room. 

  • Color code

Whenever we go for a part these days we color coordinate with our partner or the part already has a theme, this is the usual trend why not use this same trend for your home library, you can arrange all your novels according to their color on your shelves, if you do not want a very big library then you can have multiple shelves and fix them on your wall and in between you can leave some space for some photo frames. This would make your library look bright, I know libraries always seem dull and boring but then for a book lover they always turn out to be bright and beautiful no matter what. 

  • Books and a comfortable seating equals to heaven for some

For some people, books are not just books they are their best friends and what’s better than cuddling with your closest ally? Nothing so in your beautiful library add a nice huge size chair and turn it into heaven, and you can even keep a blanket nearby what if you plan to spend the night with your best friend and it turns out to be a cold night. 

  • Let’s get creative 

Arrange your shelves in a different matter do not go for the square shape its way too outdated go for the diamond shape, it would bring pleasure to your eyes and to your heart 

  • A curtain- A hide and seek game

Some people do not like displaying their books so they can simply use a curtain, it would not only help in hiding your books but would also give a different look to your library 

  • Colored ladder

If your shelves start from the floor and go till the ceiling then practically you require a ladder but then it would not only help you in taking a book out but would also give a nice and beautiful look to your library 


  • Ceilings

If by any chance you have a two stories high area (it can be your living room), then you can simply utilize that space by making your library sky high, now if you are going for this option then you would simply require a nice strong ladder, go for a one which is colored and goes with your living room. 

  • A nook for reading

Nooks are very common these days but you can make yours look unique by designing your own space, get a little creative and create your dream library 

Favourite Peddles

You would require three days to make your very own pebble mosaic, how? you would require one day of searching pebbles and sort out the pebbles that you like, laying the base, setting the pebbles would require a day too and the third day would be dedicated to grouting. 

The very first thing that you require to do is pick the stones that you like, take a bucket and fill it with the stone you like then take that bucket to the area where you plan to make your own mosaic, once you reach, spread your favorite peddles out and then wash them, they need to be properly cleaned, after it takes out another bucket, now start sorting the stones, in three buckets divide the stones on the bases of there size and color.

Now in a sandbox spread sand (make sure that the depth is of at least three inches), it’s time to be a little creative, this is the time where you decide how your mosaic would look like the shape, the pattern, everything here you are the creator, get ready, think and then start laying the pebbles upright in your sandbox and do not worry the sand would help you in keeping the stones in there place while you’re working.Make sure that your pebbles are packed tightly, together. make sure that the pebbles in the middle are touching each other and are parallel to each other. 

  1. Make sure that your setting is slightly above the usual ground if it is not then the water would get collected on the top of your mosaic.
  2. You need to dampen your concrete mix and for it, you can use a hose and make sure that the texture changes to a crumbly texture
  3. Time to mark the shape of your mosaic, for making it you can

use some nails, tie some nails together (for instance like a compass) and then make your perfect circles 

  1. Place a pebble in the center and then two pebbles along its sides, before placing the stones at their respected spots you need to dig some holes after digging place them at their spots and then use your fingers to pack the mix.
  2. Now its time you finally fill in your mosaic’s pattern, while your placing the pebbles at their stops according to the pattern that you have chosen for your mosaic, make sure that the joints are tight, in the middle the stones must be touching each other
  3. After setting the pebbles according to your pattern start spreading the topping mixture on the top, use a brush to spread the mix in between the joints
  4. By now you are almost done with your mosaic now all you need to do is saturate your mosaic and for it, you need to mist your mosaic lightly after it, leave it for about thirty minutes so that it can cure itself.
  5. This is the last step now all you need to do is secure your mosaic, take a plastic trap and spread it over your mosaic, basically I mean cover your mosaic with it.

Samosa Patti 


For samosa Patti 

  • Wheat flour Atta ( half cup) 
  • All-purpose flour (also known as plain flour or maida, half cup) 
  • Sugar (Just a pinch of it) 
  • Salt (as per your taste) 
  • Hot oil ( About two big spoons) 
  • Water for kneading 

Ingredients for stuffing 

  • One medium sized thinly chopped onion 
  • Beaten rice ( popularly known as Poha and flattened rice, people prefer the thin one, half cup) 
  • Chili powder ( One tablespoon) 
  • Garam masala ( One-fourth of a tablespoon) 
  • Powder of dry mango ( One-fourth of a tablespoon) 
  • Salt (As per your taste) 
  • Ginger clove (thinly chopped, must at least be of an inch) 
  • Chopped coriander (Three tablespoons) 

Remaining ingredients 

  • Vegetable or olive oil (for the purpose of frying) 
  • All-purpose flour (Two big spoons) 
  • Water (Four big spoons) 


Direction – 

  • First of all, we will make the stuffing for our samosas, for making the stuffing we would require a large-sized bowl and in that, we need to addpohaand chopped onions, once done with adding take a spoon and mix both the ingredients together, after mixing add chili powder, salt, mango powder and garam masala, again use the spoon and mix all the ingredients together, now add coriander and ginger, mix again with the help of the spoon, now keep the stuffing aside, here by for now we are done with the stuffing now let’s move towards the next step. 
  • Now we are going to make the pastry sheets, for making the pastry sheets we need to prepare a dough and for it, we would require a big sized bowl, in that bowl we need to mix the all-purpose flour and the wheat flour, after mixing both the flour together we need to add salt and sugar, after sugar and salt add two big spoons of oil (make sure that the oil is hot), time to crumble and form a dough, do not forget to knead as the dough needs to be smooth and kneading would make it smooth, once done with kneading leave the dough for a while, after a while take a rolling pin and start rolling  (make sure that you roll it as thinly as humanly possible).
  • Now take a knife and cut a triangle out of it, once done with the cutting place your pan on your stove and turn the stove on, allow the pan to get hot and then place your sheet on it and then roast both the sides of the sheet for about ten seconds
  • Now you would be wondering how to roll it, it is simple but requires a little bit of attention, we need to fold the sheet into a triangle after folding fill it with the stuffing we just prepared, use the paste made up of all-purpose flour to seal your triangle after sealing it we need to fry it for deep frying we require a skillet which has a thick bottom, we need to fill the skillet with vegetable oil, and then we need to allow it to reach an optimal level and then we can begin frying.

Glazed Of Cheesecake

Last year my son’s birthday was around the corner and he demanded a cheesecake and not just a cheesecake he wanted something different and special so I did something extraordinary, a base made up of oreo, let’s see what I did and if you like it then you can do it too 

The list of ingredients is going to be divided into 3 subheadings 

The list of ingredients that you would require to make the crust of the cheesecake

  • Two cups full of Oreo  (You will have to remove the cream from the center and you require to ground the cookies properly) 
  • Properly melted butter (make sure you do not burn the butter, about one-fourth of a cup) 
  • Two big spoons of sugar 


This list is of the ingredients that you would require for making the cheesecake

  • cream cheese, about four to eight oz  
  • Sugar ( Almost two cups full of sugar) 
  • Maida a.k.a all-purpose flour ( three big spoons) 
  • Salt ( one-fourth of a teaspoon) 
  • Eggs ( Four large-sized eggs) 
  • Yolks ( of two eggs ) 
  • Vanilla extract ( one and a half spoon ) 
  • sour cream ( one-fourth of a cup) 

This last list is of the ingredients that you would require to make the top of your cake the GLAZE 

  • Strawberries ( Thawed and frozen, one cup full) 
  • Small sized strawberries (one pint, washed, fresh and hulled) 
  • water ( three big spoons ) 
  • sugar ( Two big spoons) 
  • Cornstarch (one small spoon ) 
  • Food coloring (Red, not mandatory) 


  1. Place your rack in the center of your oven and then Preheat your oven to 325 degrees, side by side boil some water as you would soon require it.
  2. While the water is boiling you can make the mixture for the crust, for making the crust take a bowl and add all the ingredients mention in the list of ingredients for the crust after mixing transfer it to the bottom of the pan and then keep it aside.
  3. Take a bowl making sure that it is large-sized and then add cheese, flour, salt and sugar to it once done with adding the ingredients using a hand blender to mix these ingredients together, then add some eggs, after adding it use the blender and mix it, once done with mixing add the yolks and again mix them, make sure that the mixture gets a smooth texture, now pour it on the top of your cake’s crust.
  4. Take a roasting pan and then place your spring pan in it, add boiling hot water to the roasting pan, bake for about eighty minutes
  5. After baking remove the spring pan from the roasting pan, once the temperature reaches room temperature cover it and place it in your refrigerator for at least 3 hours.
  6. Blend some strawberries, use a strainer to press it into the saucepan, boil it, once clean and thick keep it aside you can even add food coloring if it is required, now we are almost done with the cake just decorate your cake with some strawberries and on the top pour your strawberry glazed, just cover your cake and place it in your refrigerator