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Favourite Peddles

You would require three days to make your very own pebble mosaic, how? you would require one day of searching pebbles and sort out the pebbles that you like, laying the base, setting the pebbles would require a day too and the third day would be dedicated to grouting. 

The very first thing that you require to do is pick the stones that you like, take a bucket and fill it with the stone you like then take that bucket to the area where you plan to make your own mosaic, once you reach, spread your favorite peddles out and then wash them, they need to be properly cleaned, after it takes out another bucket, now start sorting the stones, in three buckets divide the stones on the bases of there size and color.

Now in a sandbox spread sand (make sure that the depth is of at least three inches), it’s time to be a little creative, this is the time where you decide how your mosaic would look like the shape, the pattern, everything here you are the creator, get ready, think and then start laying the pebbles upright in your sandbox and do not worry the sand would help you in keeping the stones in there place while you’re working.Make sure that your pebbles are packed tightly, together. make sure that the pebbles in the middle are touching each other and are parallel to each other. 

  1. Make sure that your setting is slightly above the usual ground if it is not then the water would get collected on the top of your mosaic.
  2. You need to dampen your concrete mix and for it, you can use a hose and make sure that the texture changes to a crumbly texture
  3. Time to mark the shape of your mosaic, for making it you can

use some nails, tie some nails together (for instance like a compass) and then make your perfect circles 

  1. Place a pebble in the center and then two pebbles along its sides, before placing the stones at their respected spots you need to dig some holes after digging place them at their spots and then use your fingers to pack the mix.
  2. Now its time you finally fill in your mosaic’s pattern, while your placing the pebbles at their stops according to the pattern that you have chosen for your mosaic, make sure that the joints are tight, in the middle the stones must be touching each other
  3. After setting the pebbles according to your pattern start spreading the topping mixture on the top, use a brush to spread the mix in between the joints
  4. By now you are almost done with your mosaic now all you need to do is saturate your mosaic and for it, you need to mist your mosaic lightly after it, leave it for about thirty minutes so that it can cure itself.
  5. This is the last step now all you need to do is secure your mosaic, take a plastic trap and spread it over your mosaic, basically I mean cover your mosaic with it.