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Creative Styling Ideas To Decorate Your Room

  • One wall is what it would take just choose

Is there any wall in your house which is empty has nothing on it and at times when you look at it, it seems lonely, take that loneliness away and buy a set of shelves, the one which can cover the entire wall from floor to the ceiling and from the ceiling to the floor and then you can stuff those shelves with all the books that you have, this setting would even look more amazing if it is in your drawing room. 

  • Color code

Whenever we go for a part these days we color coordinate with our partner or the part already has a theme, this is the usual trend why not use this same trend for your home library, you can arrange all your novels according to their color on your shelves, if you do not want a very big library then you can have multiple shelves and fix them on your wall and in between you can leave some space for some photo frames. This would make your library look bright, I know libraries always seem dull and boring but then for a book lover they always turn out to be bright and beautiful no matter what. 

  • Books and a comfortable seating equals to heaven for some

For some people, books are not just books they are their best friends and what’s better than cuddling with your closest ally? Nothing so in your beautiful library add a nice huge size chair and turn it into heaven, and you can even keep a blanket nearby what if you plan to spend the night with your best friend and it turns out to be a cold night. 

  • Let’s get creative 

Arrange your shelves in a different matter do not go for the square shape its way too outdated go for the diamond shape, it would bring pleasure to your eyes and to your heart 

  • A curtain- A hide and seek game

Some people do not like displaying their books so they can simply use a curtain, it would not only help in hiding your books but would also give a different look to your library 

  • Colored ladder

If your shelves start from the floor and go till the ceiling then practically you require a ladder but then it would not only help you in taking a book out but would also give a nice and beautiful look to your library 


  • Ceilings

If by any chance you have a two stories high area (it can be your living room), then you can simply utilize that space by making your library sky high, now if you are going for this option then you would simply require a nice strong ladder, go for a one which is colored and goes with your living room. 

  • A nook for reading

Nooks are very common these days but you can make yours look unique by designing your own space, get a little creative and create your dream library