Baron Von Schwein

Glazed Of Cheesecake

Last year my son’s birthday was around the corner and he demanded a cheesecake and not just a cheesecake he wanted something different and special so I did something extraordinary, a base made up of oreo, let’s see what I did and if you like it then you can do it too 

The list of ingredients is going to be divided into 3 subheadings 

The list of ingredients that you would require to make the crust of the cheesecake

  • Two cups full of Oreo  (You will have to remove the cream from the center and you require to ground the cookies properly) 
  • Properly melted butter (make sure you do not burn the butter, about one-fourth of a cup) 
  • Two big spoons of sugar 


This list is of the ingredients that you would require for making the cheesecake

  • cream cheese, about four to eight oz  
  • Sugar ( Almost two cups full of sugar) 
  • Maida a.k.a all-purpose flour ( three big spoons) 
  • Salt ( one-fourth of a teaspoon) 
  • Eggs ( Four large-sized eggs) 
  • Yolks ( of two eggs ) 
  • Vanilla extract ( one and a half spoon ) 
  • sour cream ( one-fourth of a cup) 

This last list is of the ingredients that you would require to make the top of your cake the GLAZE 

  • Strawberries ( Thawed and frozen, one cup full) 
  • Small sized strawberries (one pint, washed, fresh and hulled) 
  • water ( three big spoons ) 
  • sugar ( Two big spoons) 
  • Cornstarch (one small spoon ) 
  • Food coloring (Red, not mandatory) 


  1. Place your rack in the center of your oven and then Preheat your oven to 325 degrees, side by side boil some water as you would soon require it.
  2. While the water is boiling you can make the mixture for the crust, for making the crust take a bowl and add all the ingredients mention in the list of ingredients for the crust after mixing transfer it to the bottom of the pan and then keep it aside.
  3. Take a bowl making sure that it is large-sized and then add cheese, flour, salt and sugar to it once done with adding the ingredients using a hand blender to mix these ingredients together, then add some eggs, after adding it use the blender and mix it, once done with mixing add the yolks and again mix them, make sure that the mixture gets a smooth texture, now pour it on the top of your cake’s crust.
  4. Take a roasting pan and then place your spring pan in it, add boiling hot water to the roasting pan, bake for about eighty minutes
  5. After baking remove the spring pan from the roasting pan, once the temperature reaches room temperature cover it and place it in your refrigerator for at least 3 hours.
  6. Blend some strawberries, use a strainer to press it into the saucepan, boil it, once clean and thick keep it aside you can even add food coloring if it is required, now we are almost done with the cake just decorate your cake with some strawberries and on the top pour your strawberry glazed, just cover your cake and place it in your refrigerator

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