Baron Von Schwein

Groundnut Corn Balls


  • Corn 
  • Groundnuts 
  • Chilies 
  • Coriander 
  • Chopped Onions 
  • Tomatoes 
  • Lavang 
  • Rice flour (two tablespoons) 
  • Cinnamon sticks 
  • Cumin 
  • Turmeric 
  • Salt  
  • Oil  
  • Besan 
  • Chili powder 


  1. Take your blender out and then in it add corn, press the power button on your blender and start grinding your corn, once done with grinding transfer the corn to a bowl and in that bowl add chili powder, flour, onion, salt, and besan, once done with adding all the ingredients to the bowl, pick a spoon up and then use it to mix all of these ingredients together, mix properly, after mixing wear gloves and then start making small sized balls on the mixture once done with making the balls, turn on your stove place your skillet on it and then add oil in it, after adding oil set the level of heat at medium and allow the oil to reach the right temperature once reached, start frying the balls, once done with frying the balls take a bowl and place some tissues in the bowl and the transfer the fried balls to the bowl, after transfering the balls to the bowl keep that bowl aside, this is all with the main step now let’s move towards the second step
  2. Now take a pan which as a strong bottom, add about one to two spoons full of oil, give it a minute and then add coriander, groundnuts, cinnamon, and Lavang. Once done with adding all the ingredients, wait until all of the ingredients that you added to your pan are properly fried, once fried turn the flames off and then transfer the fried mixture to a bowl allow it to reach the room temperature, once it cools down transfer it to your food processor and grind it, once done with grinding transfer it back to the bowl.
  3. Now clean your pan, basically wash it and then use your whips to whip the pan once done with it place it on your stove and turn the stove on, add oil and wait for the oil to reach the right temperature and then add chopped onions to the pan, fry them until they turn golden in color, once done with frying transfer the fried onions to a bowl once they cool down transfer them to your food processor and then add tomatoes as well, grind tomatoes and the onions together.
  4. Place your pan on your stove (of course after cleaning it) and add a spoon full of oil and then wait after sixty seconds add cumin wait for at least sixty to one twenty seconds and then add the paste of ginger and garlic, fry them until they turn golden, now add all the ingredients that you prepared until now and then saute
  5. Now add a glass full of water, salt (according to your taste buds), turmeric and chili powder, cook until it starts boiling once the gravy starts boiling (this might take about ten to fifteen minutes, do not cook it on high heat) add the fried balls that you prepared and then wait for another five minutes once done start garnishing with coriander, serve warm and serve with cooked plain white rice.

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