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How to convert you Camp Chef Flat Top Into an Open Flame

How to convert your Camp Chef Flat Top Grill to an open flame

So there are times, when we are hanging out with our family and friends, when the weather is just fine and appealing, laughing around with your favourite people, and everything else seems to be just perfect. Can the day get better? Sure it can, one thing still remains that can take your already perfect day to another level. Any guesses? Well, the answer is obviously your favourite food. Anything can be better with the right food. So let’s reimagine the scene. You are out for a picnic with your family and friends along with a camp chef flat top grill so you don’t miss your favourite food out there. Isn’t the scene better this way? But what if you have a sudden urge to eat grilled chicken instead of hamburgers or anything that requires an open fire rather than a flat top. Won’t it be hard to adjust with the kind of food you want on such a perfect day?

How to convert your Camp Chef Flat Top Grill to an open flame
How to convert your Camp Chef Flat Top Grill to an open flame

Don’t you wanna look out for some way where you can enjoy both the type of cooking i.e. open fire cooking as well as flat top grill cooking with a single equipment? Well, the camp chef has already done that part of the thinking for you. The camp chef flat top iron grill is convertible into an open fire. As you may have noticed, the camp chef flat iron grill comes with 2 BBQ grates. However, they are optional when it comes to installing them. Well, if you want your flat top to be convertible into an open fire, install the grates along with other parts while assembling the grill and bring it along. The conversion of your flat top to open fire is just a step away.

You need to remove the flat top and all that you need to accomplish this is your two hands. Easy right? Well, indeed it is.

First, you need to make sure that the flat top is cool enough for your hands to touch. Sprinkle some cold water on the top and wipe it with a damp cloth. Repeat this process until the flat top is cooled down.

Second, hold the edge that is pointing upwards on both the sides and pull it towards the top. Apply enough force at the tip of your fingers so that the top doesn’t slip through them and boom! Your flat top grill is converted into open fire grill.
Yes, that all you need to do to convert the camp chef flat top grill into open fire grill. Conversely, in order to convert it back to the flat top grill, take the flat top in reinstall it back into the grill (study) and that’s how, with the camp chef flat top grill, you can have not only one but two type of grill experience with just some equipment. So now, do you see your day getting better again?

So take the camp chef flat top grill with you and add even more fun to your picnic and camping experiences. Happy cooking!

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