Baron Von Schwein

Samosa Patti 


For samosa Patti 

  • Wheat flour Atta ( half cup) 
  • All-purpose flour (also known as plain flour or maida, half cup) 
  • Sugar (Just a pinch of it) 
  • Salt (as per your taste) 
  • Hot oil ( About two big spoons) 
  • Water for kneading 

Ingredients for stuffing 

  • One medium sized thinly chopped onion 
  • Beaten rice ( popularly known as Poha and flattened rice, people prefer the thin one, half cup) 
  • Chili powder ( One tablespoon) 
  • Garam masala ( One-fourth of a tablespoon) 
  • Powder of dry mango ( One-fourth of a tablespoon) 
  • Salt (As per your taste) 
  • Ginger clove (thinly chopped, must at least be of an inch) 
  • Chopped coriander (Three tablespoons) 

Remaining ingredients 

  • Vegetable or olive oil (for the purpose of frying) 
  • All-purpose flour (Two big spoons) 
  • Water (Four big spoons) 


Direction – 

  • First of all, we will make the stuffing for our samosas, for making the stuffing we would require a large-sized bowl and in that, we need to addpohaand chopped onions, once done with adding take a spoon and mix both the ingredients together, after mixing add chili powder, salt, mango powder and garam masala, again use the spoon and mix all the ingredients together, now add coriander and ginger, mix again with the help of the spoon, now keep the stuffing aside, here by for now we are done with the stuffing now let’s move towards the next step. 
  • Now we are going to make the pastry sheets, for making the pastry sheets we need to prepare a dough and for it, we would require a big sized bowl, in that bowl we need to mix the all-purpose flour and the wheat flour, after mixing both the flour together we need to add salt and sugar, after sugar and salt add two big spoons of oil (make sure that the oil is hot), time to crumble and form a dough, do not forget to knead as the dough needs to be smooth and kneading would make it smooth, once done with kneading leave the dough for a while, after a while take a rolling pin and start rolling  (make sure that you roll it as thinly as humanly possible).
  • Now take a knife and cut a triangle out of it, once done with the cutting place your pan on your stove and turn the stove on, allow the pan to get hot and then place your sheet on it and then roast both the sides of the sheet for about ten seconds
  • Now you would be wondering how to roll it, it is simple but requires a little bit of attention, we need to fold the sheet into a triangle after folding fill it with the stuffing we just prepared, use the paste made up of all-purpose flour to seal your triangle after sealing it we need to fry it for deep frying we require a skillet which has a thick bottom, we need to fill the skillet with vegetable oil, and then we need to allow it to reach an optimal level and then we can begin frying.

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