Baron Von Schwein

Special Events


Need to feed the people at your next festival or gathering? Let’s talk. We’ve worked hundreds of events. We’re known throughout the region for our fantastic food and quick service. We can serve 100 people an hour and we won’t stop until everyone’s full and happy.


Kick your party up a notch because, well, it deserves it. We’ll roll the food truck up to your reception/party/office, and serve up the buns that you’ve grown to love. The ones your guests are about to fall in love with. We can offer our full menu, or work with you to create a simplified version.  You’ll be the coolest kid on the block, we promise.


We’re the sharpest food truck with the most dedicated fans. We’re not your run of the mill french fry or milkshake truck. We’re serving real food made with real ingredients but with a unique enough twist to keep people guessing. A streamlined menu is available upon request for expedited service and we can serve up to 100 people per hour so the line won’t be ridiculous. Ridiculously delicious, definitely.